Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Furnace Findings
Jane Furnace Overton

Researching a paternal great grandmother, Jane Furnace born about 1860, to discover her parentage and additional information about her life.

The Furnace family of Copiah County, Mississippi, left very little of a paper trail. The only census great grandmother Jane Furnace was found was the 1870 census . She was listed as a 10 year old, born in MS. Her parents may be Alexander Furnace and Charlotte. The next piece of paper to document her life was in 1898.

Jane's first child, a daughter, was born about 1873. The father of the child was Elijah Usher (1848-1925). Elijah was married to my 2nd great grandmother Alice Demyers whom he married in 1869.

  • Ollie Usher, 1873-1938, married Emsley Wallace in 1893
The father of Jane's other children was Richmond Overton (Alice Demyers Usher's only child). Oral history whispered the children claimed to be Richmond's are not all his but some are the children of Elijah Usher. DNA tests will have to solve that quandary.
  • Mary Brown Overton, 1882-1938, married Pink Jack Brandon
  • John Evans Overton, Sr., 1882-1958, married Georgia Rockingham
  • Garland Overton, 1883 - ?, married Lethy Dixon
  • Haber Overton ,1887 - ?, married Rosa Louie
  • Edgar Overton, 1887-1923, married Hannah Gary
  • Carrie Overton, 1888-1916
  • Severe Overton, 1890-1933, married Wayman/Raymond Flowers
  • Gertrude Overton (my grandmother), 1895-1967, married Mike Durr, Sr
  • Melissa Overton, 1897 - ?, married Unknown Linson
  • Alice Overton, 1900-1929, married McNesse Sanders
  • Jean Overton
    Nothing Available
Jane and Richmond legalized their two decades relationship, 02 Apr 1898, Copiah County.

My grandmother Gertrude always said her mother died when she was seven years old, which would date Jane's death between 1901-1903.


  1. Hope nobody minds the results when those DNA tests are done. If they are.

    1. I (descendant of Gertrude Overton or Usher)am DNA matching with descendants of Ollie Usher and Edgar Overton. We are all sure Jane is our ancestor, which could be why we are matching.

  2. How interesting My mother DNA tested several people believed to be related to my father, all turned out negative. Everyone was hoping for a match so that some of the pieces of the mystery would be solved. It's amazing!

  3. DNA results are amazing, helping to solve 100 years ago mysteries. I wish I understood it better so I could understand what the results mean.

  4. I too wish I better understood the DNA results. Knowing you're related is perhaps the smallest part of the puzzle. But EXACTLY where? Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. I don't know much about DNA testing, so I found it very interesting to read all the comments. They gave me a better understanding of it.

  6. Ms. Linda, I'm so glad I subscribed to your blog all those years ago. I think I have found our DNA connection via the Furnaces & Meyers. I'm still digging and your Friday Furnace Findings article is a huge help!

    1. Hi Rachel, I would love to communication with you concerning our Furnace family. Contact me LRudd at AOL dot com.